• Donald Kerry Frey and the Innovation to Come

  • Posted on January 30, 2017
  • With an impressive background as a tech entrepreneur, Donald Kerry Frey believes that he has the ability to turn two important information projects that he finds to be very important into rousing successes. One, Frey Robotics (freyrobotics.com), strives to leave readers with a desire to participate in the world of technology without fear or trepidation. With the Nova Tribune (novatribune.org), he tries to change the news business by creating a site that approaches all issues evenly. The site covers news in a wide variety of interests and from all perspectives and all sides of an argument.

    Donald Kerry Frey is highly motivated. He has always wanted wider access to information that makes them more aware of the world around them. Over many years, he has attempted to develop a greater understanding of the information consumption process and he has learned many of the best ways for consumers to use information to make the world better.

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